Wat Visounnarath

Wat Visounnarath


Founded in 1512 during the of King Visounnarath (1501-1520), this temple was a symbol of the Kingdom’s unity. The carved wooden railings in the temple’s windows are reminiscent of the Wat Phou temple in Champasak, in the far South of Laos. Inside you can admire ancient statues and steles. Also located on the grounds of this temple is the That Pathoume, also known as That Mak Mo (the watermelon stupa) because of its shape.

Open Hours

Open daily 08:00am – 17:00pm

Tickets: 20.000k/person


Wat Visounarath is in Visoun village. If you start from the Luang Prabang Tourism Information Center, first you go straight up at the same way to Dara market, then you will see 4 junctions, and keep going toward untill you see a second 4 juntions, after that you should turn left and continue to walk a few minutes. You will see Lao Red Cross center at the left hand side which opposite the Temple or if you want to go by bicycle is fine.

Do's and Don'ts

- Cover yourself from shoulders to knees, take off hats and shoes.
- Respect the monks and novices. Women are not allowed to touch them.
- Do not show affection publicly.
- Refuse any antiques or you will be fined.

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