All activities for Visit Laos Year 2018

Activities for Visit Laos Year 2018

On behalf of the President for the celebration of Visit Laos Year 2018 in LuangPrabang, I, on behalf of the provincial authorities and the people of all ethnic groups in the province, have a great pleasure and high honor that LuangPrabang, the city of the ancient civilization, the world heritage land, the world’s most popular tourist destinations and the Green City of Asia shall organize an celebration of Visit Laos Year 2018 with other provinces across the country, which is a significant and important event. We have a great passion for promoting the culture, sound traditions, and the lifestyle of the LuangPrabang residents, the tourist products and the unique tourist sites of LuangPrabang, cultural, natural and historical sites to create incentives and attract more and more domestic and foreign tourists to visit.

On this glorious occasion, I would like to extend my warm welcome to all distinguished guests both inside and outside the country and from the domestic and foreign media who have been honored to participate in the event of the celebration of Visit Laos Year 2018 in LuangPrabang.

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All activities in details:

Official Celebration of Visit Laos Year 2018 & Lao New Year Celebration

Pi Mai Lao, otherwise known as Lao New Year, is a festival celebrated at the hottest time of the year. Read more….

Rocket Festival in Nan district

The Boun Bang Fai (otherwise known as the Rocket Festival) is an annual Buddhist celebration that happens in various locations across Laos. Read more…..

" Oh, LuangPrabang Simply Beautiful"

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“Luang Prabang Boat Racing Festival"

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Study Tour in Nambak and Ngoi district

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Cycling Activities

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Ancient Luang Prabang

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