Elephant Procession “Xang Hieng Koei” 2021

Are you ready to get wet? during the Lao New Year 2021 celebration in Luang Prabang!
Before the Lao New Year parade, we would like to show you about our significant activity which practice since an ancient time. It is an “Elephant Procession" called “Xang Hieng Koei". It’s a traditional event which is related to a local people for long time…How are these magnificent elephants related to the people’s life? Let’s Join us!

◆Time  start from 07:30
◆When  April 13rd, 2021
◆Where: On the main street starts from Wat ThatNoy -Wat Mai to Wat Xiengthong

You can download the information here….. or visit our Facebook page for more information