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ລາຍການເຄື່ອນໄຫວບຸນປີໃໝ່ລາວ ປະຈຳປີ ພສ 2564 ລະຫວ່າງວັນທີ່ 13-25 ເມສາ (4) 2021 ທີ່ນະຄອນ ຫຼວງພະບາງ
Pi Mai Lao, otherwise known as Lao New Year, is a
Did you know the Boat Racing Festival (others name known as
The Hmong New Year celebration features colorful displays of traditional costumes

Things to do

Whether you’re looking for a quiet poolside holiday, an adventure filled trek to a waterfall in the jungle,
or the chance to meet locals in a hillside ethnic village, Luang Prabang offers it all.

What makes us special?

Where jungle covered mountains meet the mighty water.

Untouched Nature

Where the sound of chanting monks drifts through the town at dawn and dusk.

Inner Peace

Where traditional ways of life are still practiced
by local people with pride.

Timeless Culture

Where ancient temples glitter golden
between charming old French Colonial buildings.

East meets West
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The schedule of cultural festivals is confirmed about a month before, depending on the lunar calendar.
Please follow our Facebook page to get up to date information.

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