Traditional Storytelling

Traditional Storytelling


Many of these languages are purely oral; because they take no written form, the tradition of storytelling–and passing stories and cultural histories down from generation to generation–is deeply important in many of the ethnic cultures of Laos.

Puppetry has long been a popular way of passing these stories on, and visitors to Luang Prabang can experience this form of traditional storytelling at a live puppet show delivered by an old master story teller and his apprentices. The story and puppets are accompanied by traditional music.


Open Hours

Open every evening from 18:30pm to 19:30pm
Tickets cost 50.000 kip/person & can be bought at the theatre after 18:00 pm
A selection of drinks are sold inside


Located in Wat Nong village. It takes about 8 minutes walk from the town center, just close to Spa Garden.

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